Wednesday 6 October 2010

The latest news with Chavanga.

Rather long hot summer with extremely low water level has led to the early beginning of spawning of a salmon. Already to the middle of September activity of resident fish has sharply fallen, began to come across already empty fishes. Fresh fish has gone to the river from the sea only last week September when water began to arrive stably, and its temperature with 10 has fallen to comfortable 4-5 degrees on Celsius. The formed rupture in activity of a salmon (between resident fishes ready to spawning and silver, come of the sea) has occupied about 10 days that is not beyond usual on supervision over the last 10 years. A course of a sea trout copies to 1.5 kg have proceeded, came across. By 02.10 fresh silver salmons came across already at level Pokosy camp, in 6 km from the sea, and a sea trout at level of 5 km from estuary. During this period grayling activity has sharply decreased. Probably, it is connected with change of places and transition to other kind of a food.

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