Wednesday 6 October 2010

Kamchatka full of the rivers, waters and fishes.

The first impressions after 10 day rounds are that - here full waters, is full some fish and it is possible to lose the way. The rivers even located near to dirt roads are so inaccessible that advancement is possible only by boats. Caught at stops, it is good that stony shallows on turns often come across. The coast is almost impassable. But the set of sleeves and branches of the rivers create a large quantity of places suitable for catching. A unique problem - it is possible to lose the way among these islands. Improbably pure water and set of fish amazes. Each stone in a channel, the hole or a blockage from trees under coast creates original shelters for a local trout, char and sets of salmons. The rests of their bodies on coast speak about simple large quantity of fish in the rivers. Except the fishing possibility well to have a rest was pleasant. Conditions on our base have appeared rather comfortable that is important in short evenings before the next travel.

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