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Pacific salmon and rainbow trout tour. Kamchatka peninsula.

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Vasil Bykau

Kamchatka fishing tour.

Icha river tour

Icha River  - west coast of Kamchatka. It originates in the central part of the Median ridge. The length of the river  is  about 233 km . Flow rate 0.5-2.0 m / s . The depth in the lower reaches 3.1 m, width of 50-100 m depth in the middle reaches 0.8-2 m, width of 20-40 m. There are many rapids , braid , islands, branches , the bottom of gravel and boulders , highly transparent water . The river flows between the mountains . It is perfect for fly fishing . In the river constantly live rainbow trout , brook trout , brown trout .  In the river enteres:
Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha),
sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka),
chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta),
pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha),
coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch).
Our firm has its own territory  for   fishing . Territory  in this region is very wild , but in spite of that, we found the option to abolish the helicopter delivery. This , in turn, greatly reduced the price of the transport component of the price of the tour , and we have removed the dependence of delivery of the weather. For Kamchatka is very important , it is a guarantee of return to their flights . We do not have the loss of fishing days while waiting for weather by helicopter .
The tour description.
The standard tour includes 6 days of fishing , plus 1 day of arrival , 1 day out from the river , and one day out on the flight home from the airport . Total tour takes 9 days. The number of fishing days may be extended at the request of the angler.
 Tour program we have built in a way that would be most beneficial to fish and relax too as comfortable as possible . It is based on a stationary camp , built in 2013 on the banks of the river.
WE use  isolated stretch of the river length of 30km . It is divided into 4 sections (pool) of 7.5 km . Fishing is possible directly from the base and the surrounding areas of the river. Moving along  the river in boats organized  with " Rotan -420 " – motorboats  or on rafts . Fishing grounds alternate between anglers. At the request of fishermen can arrange alloy tours or combine alloy with a fixed residence on the base. For the organization alloys have all the equipment. Length of the route  is 30 - 40km. Moving on rafts or on large rubber boats with water-jet engines. Accommodation in the camp and return to base camp

  Living on a fishing base located on the banks of the river in the guest houses . Each house is for 4 anglers .  Cabins are equipped with heating stove , beds with linen (mattresses , pillows, comforters, blankets ) , shelves , hangers , sockets, electric lighting.  Also, on the basis of fitted clothes dryer, kitchen, bath, outdoor patio dining , cabins - company . Maximum capacity of the camp - up to 16 anglers. The minimum number of anglers in the group - 3 people. The optimal number of participants in the group - 8 persons.
The season begins June 25 and lasts until October 20.
June- July: chinook , sockeye .
August- September: sockeye, chum, coho, brown trout .
October: coho .
and as always -  sea trout , rainbow trout.

Conventionally, fishing tours can be spread :
-Fishing for chinook salmon ,
-Fishing for coho salmon ,
-Fishing for rainbow trout .

The program of 6 fishing days tour
• 1 - Day - meeting at the airport (arrival from Moscow in 10-00 or 11-00 am).
       Transfer by minibus to  Milkovo ( 300km ~ 3-3.5 hours).
       Accommodation at the hotel . Dinner.
• 2nd day. Breakfast. 2:00 on the way to the river,
       half an hour by speed boat to the base.
       11.00 accommodation in the camp. Fishing .
• 3 -7th day. Fishing.
• 8th day. Returning to the Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky.
• 9th day. Transfer to the airport and flight home .
Changes can be made on the tour depending on fishing and river conditions. Additional day of fishing can be given at guests desire.

Price is  2,350  to 2,850 euros per person.
The actual price depends on the details of the program  ( fishing days, team rods q-ty..)   

  The price includes :
• The invitation and the voucher for visa reception.
• Registration, delivery from the airport to the base and back.
• Hotel overnight.
• Accommodation at the camp.
• 3 meals a day during all tour, services of the cook.
• Fishing guide.
• Transport for the movements (off-road cars, motor boats, a minibus).
• Cost of fishing licences.
• The first medical aid.
 Does not include :
• Insurance.
• Cost of tickets to the meeting point (airplane tickets).
• Alcohol.

How to get here
Your destination is Yelizovo Airport, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Information about flights, airlines and prices you will find on the following websites:

             Timetable of the Yelizovo   Airport:
“Transaero” airline:
“Vladavia” airline:
“Rossiya Airlines”:
“Aeroflot” company: 

Kola salmon fishing. Kola – 3 river salmon tour.

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Vasil Bykau

Salmon fishing at the  Kola river  is interested for anglers who want to catch a big salmon. Kola got its reputation for big salmon, which comes into the river. There are benefits to be found in a relatively convenient location of the river, near the airport. This greatly simplifies the way to the river. There are also disadvantages. These include extremely high fishing pressure, which is associated with narrow-located for the big city. You can also note the extremely irregular running salmon and unpredictable fishing results. But the chance to catch a very large salmon is worth it to try and catch him.
          Indeed, for many years the river gives us that opportunity. Despite the proximity of Murmansk and other settlements in the Kola River there are enough big fish. We must realize that, contrary to naive advertising is not easy to catch a really big fish. You'll need all your skill and the help of our guides. We are pleased to inform you that in addition to the possibility of meeting with a large salmon, we can offer you accommodation   in a really comfortable environment for real-life, not overpriced at 10 times.

The owner of the Kola rive is the goverment organization - Murmansk Ryb Vod. There is a verbal agreement between the parties, who are engaged in the fishing business organization, whether to use different parts of the river, not to create large clusters of fishermen. Valid license KOLA - 3 gives you the right to catch salmon in any part of the river, including all pools near Deer Camp. Kola part 3 has near 40 km in length.  One of the advantages of the site Kola - 3 is that you are invited to catch the lower part of the site. Its length is 17 kilometers. The fishing site  begins from the Joint Pool at the confluence of the Kola and Kitsa river. Salmon of two rivers run and stop to stay in this part of the river. Therefore, it is much more susceptible to the adverse effects of the weather or the state of the river.
Here below you can find a brief information on the organization of such tours. We can do a combined tour. You can visit some of the rivers - for example - the River Kola and then go fishing  to Kitsa or Ura.

I would like to discuss with you another option of salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula in Russia. The only airport here - is the airport of Murmansk . Almost every angler who comes here from Europe or America is forced to spend a day or two or even three days to the waiting helicopter or other transport to get to the river. Many anglers believe that it makes no sense to spend these days in the hotel, if you can spend that time fishing. So we want to offer you the option , which includes one, two or three full fishing days . The organization of this option does not differ from the standard version . You will be met at the airport, taken to the hotel , settled . Will be taken in the morning on the river. Guide will work with you , at your disposal - car and boat . You will be provided with food and other services , which are inherent in the standard program of 7 \ 6 days. Price is determined by the number of fishing days and the number of nights at the hotel. I hope for many anglers this option looks interesting .

                                         Fishing organization.
1. Transfer from the airport or train station   of Murmansk to the Tamara Hotel
    ( Murmansk city)   and back.
    It is the  same for all types of tours. Anyone can come in their own cars.
    The hotel has a   guarded parking.
2. Accommodation: stone house  and wooden cottages. On the 1st floor dining room, on the
     2nd and 3rd floors  -  comfortable rooms for 1-4 people (each room has
     satellite   TV, hower, toilet, wash basin. Dinner (breakfast) is supplied by individual orders or
     a la carte  restaurant, the menu is made on the week and posted on the 1st floor.
    Breakfast consists of 4-5 meals, lunch from 3-4, dinner from 3-5 dishes prepared
    by     professional chef. During fishing day guide  takes lunch  to the river in a thermos, and
    in agreement with the client served lunch on the river. Dining maybe 3 or 2 times a day.
    Fresh fruits are available on the table   constantly,    tea and coffee set too.
    Alcohol is not included in the price.
3.  We have fireplace  room, 2 steam rooms and swimming pool, paid separately and it is
    not included in the price. At the request of fishermen   dinner can be served in the bath.

 4. The daily routine.

            Wake up at                               8.00
Breakfast                                  8.00- 8.30
Transfer to the river site           8.30- 9.15
            Fishing                                     9.15 -18.00
Return to base                         19.00-19.30.
Dinner in                                20.00-21.00
Personal  time                          21.00-06.00

If you want -    night fishing for those who wish to catch at night
(from 23.00-05.00 June,    July), paid separately.

5. The guide works with 1-2   anglers or with   3 anglers during   walking  version of fishing day.    His responsibilities include SECURITY client, site selection, aid in the fight with the fish  and
   its   releasing, photo and video shooting at the request of the client, lunch on the river,
   rafting boats (only a portion of Kola-3),  selection of flies, training fly fishing,
   the first medical aid. A good insect repellent available.

6. Fishing plan:   June 01 fishing is carried out in the area 3-Kola and Kitsa where there
    is a   100% chance to catch a big fish spring.

For your disposition  salmon areas from the Kola- Kitsa river connection, Joint Pool, Go;d Pool, Sirius, Pomp, Loparskaya, Air Bridge, Cementary Pool,  No Name Pool, Monica, Tube, Mirrow and to the Salmon Net Pool. 

In July a week fishing is as follows:

1st day. Meeting, accommodation, fishing on a home pool.
2- day. Rafting on the site Kola-3.
3- day. Fishing on the Kola-3, "Monica pool."
4- day. Fishing on Kitsa, Bridge pool and fishing dawn stream sites (3 km).
5- Fishing at Ura.
6- day of fishing at Ura or Kola
7- day. Fishing on the Kola-3, alloy or 1-Kola or Ura.
8- Departure.

Some changes in terms are possible .

Delivery to the site 3-Kola organized by  minibus.  
The distance from the bus parking to the river is only 100-200-300 meters . .

7. Guide has your individual licenses for all   days of fishing  and presents it  for inspection.
    Part of our  guides are   freelance inspectors.
8.  The basic package includes: Transportation, meals, lodging, licenses, guide
    (with the boat),    reasonable quantity of flies, transportation to the place of fishing,
    casting technique learning.


Price - salmon fishing  

 We have tried to keep the old price of our tour.

May .................   1300 euros all inclusive.
June .................   1850 euros all inclusive.
July, August ...... 1650 euros all inclusive.
September ........  1450 euros all inclusive.
October ............  1250 euros all inclusive.

Extras: rental gear and equipment, sauna, bar, a visit to Murmansk.

The tour price include:

Registration, delivery from the airport of Murmansk or train station Kandalaksha and back.
  • Accommodation.
  • 3 meals a day during all tour, services of the cook.
  • Fishing guide.
  • Transport for the movements on the river (off-road cars, the cross-country vehicle,   boats, a minibus).
  • Cost of fishing licences.
  • The first medical aid.

Do not include: 

  • The invitation and the voucher for visa reception.
  • Insurance.
  • Cost of tickets to the meeting point (airplane tickets).
  • Alcohol.

We work on a prepaid basis, it is 30 - 50% of the cost of the tour and ordered transferred to the account of the company. After we have received your confirmation is sent. The second part of the cost is paid by place of residence. With regular customers - a confidential settlement system.

  Kola Peninsula salmon tours.
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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Giant Hucho taimen program.

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Vasil Bykau

We offer 2 options of fishing trips for the largest taimen all  over the world.  Khabarovsk region. The river  Tugur and the river Bichy.

Common information

Fish population is an   mixture of Siberian, Amur and the Pacific fish. Taimen, siberian trouts - lenoks and two species of pikes - Lena, Amur pike, Hadar and Amur grayling are the most interesting for sport fishing.     Pacific salmon - chum and pink salmon  come, coho and sockeye salmon too. There is also a char-Malma.
Tugur - a special river, unique river ,  it  is probably   the best for biggest  Hucho   taimen all over  the world. River  is well protected, here you can catch a spinning and fly fishing. Each group catches record taimen weighing 40 kg. We can take on Tugur limited number of fishermen. This is a special expensive tour for the fishing  for a record Hucho taimen. There are authentic data on capture here fishes in weight in 70 and even 95 kgs
Bichy  is   smaller in size and it is more convenient to catch taimen and salmon on fly fishing . Giant taimens  are less common here , the normal maximum size of trout less than 30 kg  but its possible to land a lot of 20-25 kg taimens. This is the most comfortable fly fishing taimen trip.


The best time for taimen  fishing is  June and early July, the second half of September, beginning of October.

Fishing organization

Rafting starts   according    water level and the wishes of fishermen. Tour duration is 9/6 days. The optimum period is  seven days rafting and 6+ full days fishing. The length of the   rafting route    could be 80 or  120 km.  
The alloy is carried out on four to six   rafting boats "RAFTMASTER" under the management of experienced rangers at the rate of two or three anglers and one keeper on raft. Rafts equipped with a rigid frame with hinged oars, so our customers are taking up the oars only in passing difficult sections of the river. Rafts equipped with lifejackets. At the request of the group is accompanied with a motor boat for a mobile moving river. Equipment and things are going in a separate Raft.
The main fishing – during stops   at the interesting  sites of the river, but also on the alloy anglers do not lose time.  The group swims from 10 to 12 km per day, with a break for lunch and stayed in a beautiful and easy-to fishing spots.

Basic quantity of rods – 6 rods. 
We could organize  max to 8 rods team  trip.
We  have near 6 hours of  helicopter flights to and back.
            One hour helicopter flight costs 120 000 (2013year) Rur  =  3750 $.(included)
            MI8 is a big one, no problem with luggage weight.
But you will have airplane luggage limit  about 20  kg\rod (Moscow - Habarovsk

           Short Tour description.

1 day - Arrival in Khabarovsk. Meeting at the airport, loading the bus, shopping,  
            departure to Briakan village (680 km are gravel road 280)
 2 day – arriving to the Village Briakan,   flight by helicopter (duration 1:20),
            landing on the        river, camp,   fishing
3-8 days  - beginning of the alloy, fishing,
9 day - flight by helicopter (duration 1:30 ) to Briakan village,
            bus transfer to the Habarovsk, hotel
10 day - back flight


Wake up at 7.00 am
Breakfast at 8:00 am
9.00   fishing
lunch from 13 to 15
stop for the night, a camp 18.30
Dinner 21.00


Tents  (double and four persons tents, two rooms tents) 4-person tents for two people
Summer dining room, mats
Satellite  phone
Solar   Battery.


The head of the alloy.
Guide (one raft).

Meals 3 times a day.


One rod price is- price goes down  to 3500 euro according Ruble/ Dollar exchange rates!!!

    $   for Bichy trip
    $   for Tugur river trip.

The price includes:

-Meeting - off in Khabarovsk.
-Transfer Khabarovsk - Briakan - Khabarovsk.
-Helicopter flight  Briakan – river Tugur   or  Bichy -   Briakan.
-Rafts, life jackets  and emptied of bivouac equipment (tents, mats, ets).
-Cook service
-Three hot meals a day.

The price does not include:

Flights to Khabarovsk.
Habarovsk hotel 
 Alcoholic beverages.

Clothing and equipment:

Waterproof bags for the transport and storage on an alloy.
 Sleeping bag.
Waders (waders) with shoes on felt soles.
 Membrane fabric jacket in case of rain.
Thermal underwear and a warm set of pants with a jacket of Polartec material or Windbloc.
 The camera in a sealed box and nesminaemom.
 Personal first aid kit, personal hygiene.
 Mosquito net or spray
 Polarized glasses.

You need vaccination (encephalitis).

Here  are articles about Hucho taimen fishing  at habarovsk region.


Habarovsk region  Climat Month Temperatures

January -            -04/-10C                  (24/14)

February -          -05/-11C                  (23/12F)

March -              -02/-10C                  (28/14F)

April -                -05 / + 01C              (23/33F)

May                  + 02 / + 08C             (35/46F)

June                 + 06 / + 15C              (42/59F)

July                  + 10 / + 20C              (50/68F)

August              + 12 / + 20C             (53/68F)

September         + 08 / + 15C                         (46/59F)

October             +07/-0C                    (44/32F)

November          -04/-0C                    (24/32F)

December          -04/-15C                  (24/16F)

How to get here.

Your destination is Habarovsk  Airport, 

Information about flights, airlines and prices you will find on the following sites:

“Transaero” airline:

“Vladavia” airline:

“Rossiya Airlines”:
“Aeroflot” company: 

                      Here  are articles about Hucho taimen fishing  at habarovsk region.