Monday 18 October 2010

Second part of our Kamchatka fishing program. River Fast fishing.

Second part of our Kamchatka program. River Fast fishing.

The river Fast is located in 2 hours' journey from our hotel. The river justifies the name. Over an equal stony bottom speed of water is not appreciable, but over boulders and among rocks the boat is dispersed promptly. Water surprisingly transparent, over holes and in rocks over deep places it accepts an emerald, green shade. So it is possible to be guided and find sites the most perspective for catching.
As well as always fishes was there where the big stones, the flooded trees, in junctions of sleeves of the river at the bottom lay more. Kizuch – silver salmon became more often in deep places with quiet water near to the main current. Chars came across and on small places, but most of all they accepted deep holes below rifts. The mikiza - rainbow trout took places convenient for hunting for a trifle in holes near coast, behind snags and behind stones on the brink of the main current. The river big enough, many good and convenient places we have simply passed.
Turns with stony coast on the one hand and a hole or rocks with another were especially perspective. Here it was possible to choose convenient positions for catching by a flies. I liked descents from flat rifts in holes or junctions of sleeves of the river. Here often the hole and on an input in it is formed fish, as a rule, came across. In pure water fries are visible everywhere, the set of bodies of dead adult fishes is scattered on coast. I have paid attention that the bottom fauna is poor enough. Under stones not so it is a lot of sedge larvae and mayfly. Probably, therefore trout and chars conduct a predatory way of life. Any fantasy attractor fly worked well.
But it was most interesting to catch on the flies simulating fry and bloodsuckers. It were most effective baits.Iit was not possible to me to find unequivocally effective fly for kizuch. Probably, the leaf fall which has begun in these days has prevented. In water there were many fallen leaves, and the fly don`t worked effectively. Therefore the exit was the bright, big “pike” fly on a tube or a double hook. On slow deep presentation fish sometimes attacked a bait. In some places the salmon left behind fly more close to a surface. It was possible to see a wave from fish, then blow on fly, but followed more often, fish was not marked. On one fly the salmon has twice pulled together all material of a body and a wing to the tip of a hook, but on an edge has not got. It was easier to catch a spinning, it is a lot of salmons and resident and fresh, silver it has been caught on directly during boat movement.
In the bottom site of the river there is simply remarkable place where the river passes through rocks. Here the deep canyon is formed, the bottom breaks downwards. Small trout and salmons fries are here. More low, in depth, according to our guide, there are the largest predatory trout of this river. It is a pity that time was a little, and we could fish here only about 1 hour. Next season?

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