Thursday 1 September 2011

Salmon fishing in russia. Mixt Chavanga - Strelna rivers program

                                                                             Salmon fishing in Russia.

The beginning of August is not perceived by many fishers as suitable time for catching of a salmon. It is the standard and incorrect approach. If to speak about an aggregate number of a salmon in the river in process of approach of autumn, spawning approach, more and more fishes comes from the sea into the river. The greatest number of a salmon accumulates in the river by the end of August and in September. Certainly, fish who has entered into the river in the last autumn or spring has lost attractive silver colour. But it does not mean at all what to catch it became uninteresting. Resident fishes differ original behaviour and the various relation to flies. August is quite good time and for catching of fresh fish. Siver fishes constantly enter into the river within all summer. It does August very interesting time for catching. It is possible to apply all arsenal of flyfishing tackles. Non-standard ways of catching of a salmon are very interesting. Very few people constantly uses nymphs or dry flies for catching of a salmon. I am glad that these methods have confirmed again the high productivity in comparison with standard methods of catching. It is especially pleasant that we have good fishing not only on the Chavanga river. We have visited the nearest neigbour Chavanga - the river Strelna which is included into our programs too . Here the comfortable camp directly on river bank is located and to fish conveniently even to elderly fishers.

Humpback salmon, good male attacks nymph as ordinary grayling.

Top of the Village site, Vydrin Stream, one of the best place during middle summer season.

Boulder run, low part of Village Lodge site has good q-ty of salmons all season.

Dinner time.

Next one on dry fly. Antonio is expert of dry fly fishing of all kinds of fish.

Morning start to Strelna river. Half an hour by motorboat.

Jumping fish. I saw at first so many running salmons in a beginning of August, in a time when "real" salmon angler is sleeping at home.

A lot of sea trouts want to get up stream.

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