Monday 18 October 2010

The third part of our Kamchatka fishing program.

The third part of our program.
The river Karymchina.
Surprisingly pleasant small river in the alloy beginning. Pure water, seaweed on stones, numerous islands and channels with poles, blockages from the trees which have fallen in water. On coast to go difficult, all has grown with a high grass and a bush. To good places it is possible to reach on river bottom, the main thing not to lose the way in an interlacing of sleeves of the river and to find road back to boats. Sometimes the basic channel suddenly disappears, the river disperses sleeves and disappears directly in wood. The good knowledge of a route is necessary not to get to such deadlock. Here it is possible to find absolutely surprising sites of the river with characteristic poles or the flooded roots behind which fishes hide. Came across basically chars and trout. But everywhere bodies of the lost salmons are visible. Still one month ago here it was full some these huge fishes. In the bottom site the river becomes more powerful, turns of the river with blockages any more do not seem so harmless. It is necessary to work as oars to be kept in the middle of the river. In the river it is much more than water, especially after a confluence of inflows. Here it is already possible to hope on capture of the fresh silver salmon who has come from the sea. It was interesting, but there was an impression that the most successful time for this river - August when still it is a lot of a salmon. But for fans of more delicate catching of a trout and chars this excellent place during all season.

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