Friday, 29 October 2010

The grayling diet #2. Minnow spawning period.

The greatest difficulty is  the cases of a selective  feeding of graylings. During such periods it don`t react on ordinary flies. If it is possible to find out character of its food then it is possible to find parking lots of fish and to pick up good fly. This time grayling ate exclusively river minnow. Fish stood under coast near to spawning places of this small fishes. The streamer simulating a minnow was an effective fly. A catching - method - wet fly, aggressive wet fly or streamer technique.  Catching methods on the nymph, wet\dry flies simulating insects and attractor flies did not work in general during this week of minnow spawn. 

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  1. I fished minnows last year when my fiancé and I retreated to backcountry for a month. We did eat lots of them for the period. Your images remind me of those days, thanks for sharing your experiences. Check out minnow catching tips here:

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