Saturday 28 August 2010

Different view on catching of a salmon. Part 4

            Later, reflecting already only on flies realistic and close to them, I specially caught a salmon, being guided in an estimation of efficiency of baits by frequency  of accompanying grayling attacks. On records I have restored effectiveness of some of flies  within a week of catching (09.2004) on Chavanga river.. Certainly, these figures do not allow to do any thorough conclusions. But for me the fact of documenting of interest resident and a silver salmon to imitations of insects and influence of conducting on frequency of attacks was important. I alternated a method of "a wet fly" with "aggressive wet" and catching on the nymph downstream. On reaches, rifts and other places I tested serially 2 or 3 flies, replacing successful and trying the new.

Steams of flies        The Relation of number the                         Estimation of a fly                                        graylings (T) to a salmons (S) 
                                 caught in a concrete place

 Black Zulu                              Wet                 1: 2                   Stable attacks 
Orange Partridge                    Wet                 2: 1                  Interest is changeable

Red Tag                                   Wet                 1: 1                  Constantly well
Partridge&Orange                  Wet                 3: 1                  The impression is pure grayling fly

Bead Head Pheasant Tail       The nymph      1: 1                  Took any localised fish
Olive Sedge Pupa                    Wet                 2: 1                   Well, but it is not always constant

March Brown                         Wet                 3: 0                  Does not work On the sun
Olive Sedge Pupa                  Wet                 1: 0                  Interest is changeable  

Bead Head Pheasant Tail       The nymph      2: 1                  Calls biting activization
Partridge&Orange                  Wet                   0: 0                  Absence of interest

March Brown                          Wet                 1: 5                  during a rain took each fish              
Caddis Green Butt Pupa        Wet                 0: 0                  Absence of interest

Brown Bomber                      Wet                  2: 1                  Half-heartedly
Green Sedge                           Wet                 2: 1                  Languid attacks

Stonefly Nymph                    The nymph      1: 3                  Stable interest
Bead Head Caddis Nymph   The nymph      1: 5                  Took each localised salmon
 Bivisible and silver                Dry/wet            1: 1                 Stable attacks
Red Tag variant                     Wet                    1: 1                 Constantly well

            Can seem that I exaggerate in attempt to draw attention to rather productive, in my opinion, to a way of catching of a salmon on usual imitations of sedges, stoneflies and on weight of similar realistic and fantasy flies. I have no anything against traditions, against beauty of salmon flies and their efficiency in skilful hands. But it seams to me that nonconventional catching does not demand not only special flies, but also tackles of a "salmon" class seems important. After all for presentation of flies of 10-14 sizes are not necessary two-manual fishing-rods and other. It simply other world of enough delicate catching of large fish and special emotional aura which has the admirers.

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