Wednesday 21 October 2015

Summing up the salmon fishing season by 2015. Part 4

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Vasil Bykau

Chavanga river salmon season, first week of October

The first week of October is usually the best time for fishing fresh silver salmon. Typically, these days quite comfortable for the angler. Temperature of the water in the river slowly goes down leading to enhancing the river with active and strong salmon. Unfortunately, the situation repeated itself, which has affected the results in the previous year. The second season in a row the first week of October characterized by a sharp cold snap and a further significant fall in temperature of the water. The cold and dry north wind has led to a decrease in the water level in the river and catastrophic temperature drop. Every day I anxiously checked the temperature from 3 to 2.5, and then to just 2 degrees midweek. Salmon run has slowed down. Fish were going very slowly up the rapids. Most of the fish we caught were directly from the estuary. Activity of the fish was extremely low, numbers of salmons were at the feet of the angler, not responding to the flies. Salmons that entered the river weeks ago became passive as well. Markedly reduced the number of fish jumping. Where you could see fish jumping, there was silence. The water temperature fell to 1.5 degrees. There were the first ice floes that moving through the thick water. Salmon left rapids. Places just under and above cascades showed some results, as fish was stopping there before slowly going up again. It was difficult to choose an effective fly. It was effective to fish for a while in the place were salmon stop for some time to rest. But sometimes it was also effective to quickly fish some of the best places in order to attract some active fresh fish. The size of fish caught also  was not very pleasing. We have seen a truly big fishes jumping in some pools. These were the fish  we came here for. But we did not managed to catch them:).

(Marcelo landed fresh beauty in Pantaloni pool)

                                                         (Fabrizio had luck just downstream from Pantaloni pool)

                                               (We had a great time together on the river)
                                              (Marino ready to eat :)

                                                 (Chief with trophy)
                                                    (Fabrizio  with a good size fish caught in the Rock pool)

                                              (Marcelo landing fish in the Lozi pool)
                                         (Johan is well known for his flies collections, his tiger selection above)
                                                 (Johan always smile :)

                                            (Chavanga's famous bridge early in the morning)

                                    (Marino and his guide, both happy :)
                                                 (Marino's second salmon in his life)

                                      (And his first :)
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