Wednesday 21 October 2015

Summing up the season by 2015. Part One. Kamchatka.

Sorry for the long silence, but now our season ended and we are finally able to publish all the news and material on our programs. To begin, I will publish a weekly photo reports on salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula, for trout fishing in Kamchatka, and then report on fishing for trout in the river Tugur. Then we extend the reports and supplement their text. OK?


More about fishing in Kamchatka, you can see here:

Part 1.
Kamchatka, 25.08-12.09

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Vasil Bykau

Putin everywhere. Petropawlovsk  fishing shop.

Nice autumn colors,   valley not far from Icha vulcano.

Vulcano sand road,

Smal surprize - big nail,  we `ve got it passing the bridge

Icha vulcano

Spot  that locates near main stream and has some stones usually is full of predatory trouts and white spotted char

Bear`s home pool. Left bank hole - salmon spot, right side - trout territory

Icha is enouph comfortable for flyfishing

Its difficult to pass wild  territory, we have to use bears roads

Everywhere we are under the bear control

We were talking much about trout dry fly methods, but no one know that white spotted charr  likes dry flies too

Sometime dry fishing, another spot we have to fish as deeper as possible 

Flat bottom meas charr, stones - means good size rainbow trout and kundza

Deeper hole - silver salmon position

Spawning red salmon  fight strongly, fish uses its  flat body in a strong current

Soft Pb  drop is a good idea to fish in a deep pools, sometime current is too strong for correct presentation, we have to cast up stream to get our fly deeper

One of the most interested fish - kundza

Good size rainbow troup is number ONE here!!!

My biggest kundza, it was difficult to take good quality photo

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 Lanch at the river bank

WEc are talking about kundza size... 

Dinner room

Camp guys!  Thanks a lot!!

New kitchen

Dinner time fly tying, very simple and very effective silver salmon flies

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