Wednesday 21 October 2015

Summing up the season by 2015. Part 2, Chavanga river salmon fishing

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Vasil Bykau

Chavanga river salmon fishing,  week 15-22.09

Usually the third week of September is a  productive time to catch a silver salmon. The temperature of the water goes down, level rises after the autumn rains and the fish start running up the river. I have described an ideal situation.This Autumn, the water level was much lower than we expected.
        We hoped that few rains will change the situation on the river. In a week time the level went up by 1 cm, but also temperature of he water rise to 11 degrees.This is a fairly high temperature for a second half of September. Activity of fresh salmon decreased significantly. Presence of the fish in the river can be seen by jumps all over the river, but is reluctant to respond to the fly. Some fish that just entered the river were still responding to the flies. Those salmons usually were taking spots in a quick rapids. Most of our fish were caught in those places. Deep pools were a good shelter for the salmons that entered the river in the end of Augus or in the first weeks of September. These fish had a purple body and behaved quite passively to our flies. 
        The most effective fly was small and medium-sized Ally`s shrimp with a very slow presentation in fast water. It was preferred to use floating line. General distance of fishing was around 6-12 meters. Average weight of fish was 3.5 kg. The largest fish caught weighed about 4.5 kilogram. We were not able to catch a large silver fish, which are common in this river during this time. Some resident males exceeded 4.5 kg, but their activity quickly fell. Most of the salmon started to spawn.


                  (Mauro caught nice, slightly coloured fish just upstream first cascade) 

        (Luca hooked cracker upstream from Otter stream pool, fish was lost in a battle :)

                         (Marco landed big crocodile upstream from second cascade)

                                                           (Andrea looks happy :)


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