Friday 12 July 2013

Strelna river news. Salmon fishing in Russia on the Kola peninsula.

Spring this year was characterized by a very rapid melting of snow and ice melting on the rivers all over the Kola peninsula. By early May, the river is almost free of ice and spring flooding was unusually strong and short. Very warm the last week in May led to the fall of the water level in the river. The main waterfalls are passable for salmon, and much of the fish was able to climb up the river. So we had to change the usual order of salmon fishing and focus section of the river, which lies directly above the falls. Typically, fishing in the river  estuary and   below the falls and was very efficient. But now had to spend a lot of effort to find the right tactics salmon .. But it made the fishing interesting. A year ago, I was even more disappointed by the ease with which it was possible to catch a fish. This season also shows that you can not relax and you should always be ready to change tactics and method of catching salmon.

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