Friday 12 July 2013

Kola salmon fishing. Beginning of a season.


We have just returned home for a short vacation.
 Season this year has turned difficult. Early spring and hot summer have changed the normal fishing everywhere.. 

    Kola river  had problems with the silver salmon run. 
    Chavan'ga  river - sea run salmon was also passive, but the resident fish (autumn run and    early spring run) caught well.    
    There were also problems on the river Strelna, where due to the low water biggest part of the spring run salmon  ahead of time was able to climb up the river.

             River Chavan'ga was in better condition during the hot spring and the rapid fall of the water level. Salmon that entered the river in autumn and early spring, has had to adapt and showed good activity throughout the river. Although it should be noted the rapid decrease in the activity of large salmon. When the water temperature 18-22 degrees accounted for the bulk of catches of salmon in the 2-3.5 kg of body weight. Larger salmon from 4 to 7 kg less often get hooked. It was necessary to use a variety of techniques for  their provocation.

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