Saturday 13 July 2013

A few notes about the tactics of salmon fishing.

If  to characterize the first week of June, you can highlight a few points.

First, the weather was warm for a few weeks. The Chavanga water level was going down quickly enough. The water temperature rose to 14-16 degrees much earlier than usual. As a result, the state of the river in the first week of June was as at the end of June in normal years.

Secondly, the intensive salmon runs in the autumn and relatively favorable winter led to the accumulation of a large number of fish in the river.

Third, under  the rapid onset of summer   salmon stay not in a slow water pools, but   into rapids sections and fast flowing runs.

Fourth, smaller salmon were able to quickly adapt to the conditions of a rapid rise of water temperature. Salmon weighing 2.5-3.5 kg were a significant part of the catch. Large salmon were active only in the morning, during a temporary reduction in water temperature to 18 degrees.

 Fifth, few  fresh sea run  salmon entered the river and want to   show  normal activity in a warm and low water. Much of the fresh salmon remained in the sea not far from the mouth.

Sixth, these conditions are forced to change the usual tactics of fishing by large provocative flies. More successful was the tactic that usually used in the middle of the summer, at the end of June - July. Best was a local presentation of small flies in the place closely to the salmon lyes. It   was important as possible to reduce the lateral drift of the fly, as salmon in most cases, did not attack the fly, which went too quickly to the side. Further fall in the water level has resulted in even more sluggish response to the rapidly drifting salmon lures.

 Seventh, the overall impact of the Chavanga fishing was quite high, which is primarily due to a high concentration of salmon in the river.

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