Sunday 14 October 2012

Two BEST- two factors, the main rules in salmon fishing.

Two main Factors: fishing location and angler position

The river Chavanga surprises us from the very beginning of a season. Both September and October also have appeared successful for catching of a salmon. Periodic rains saved high enough water level in the river. The temperature fluctuated within 7-9 degrees. Fresh sea fish rose in the river every day. Therefore to catch it was comfortable. The  nearest to the sea site of the river has numerous and various places which are convenient for rest of a salmon and are convenient for its catching. For adaptation of fishers we use Cable Pool. It is the big and long turn of the river with coast convenient for movement and not strong current. Especially it is convenient for catching during a high water level.
Here   it is possible to use -2 BEST-  a principle of catching of a salmon that means to use the best place for a salmon and the best place for the fisher. If you are capable to find or define these two best places on the river,  your   chance of successful catching sharply raises. If you are capable independently or by  help of the guide to define the best place for parking or movement of a salmon and can take the best place that  allow you to fish this place correctly - then you the successful fisher. These two moments basically   define your success. Quality of tackle, casting quality   and subjective efficiency of a fly appear often on the second and third plan.
We face often that fishers cannot use the salmon tackle correctly. Often there are problems with  correct casting  and especially with presentation of a fly. In such cases the correct choice of a place of catching and a correct choice of a fisher position   defines success of fishing. The correct choice of a place sharply raises chance of a meeting of a salmon and a   fly, and the correct position levels many problems in casting quality   and especially in fly  presentation  .
If to speak about the most important in salmon catching - about presentation of a fly -  using  of  2BEST,   is often the most important moment in achievement of really correct presentation.


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