Thursday 20 September 2012

Strelna river. September first week. Good news!

 After plentiful rains in the beginning of August the water level in the river Strelna was high throughout all month. But to the beginning of September, water has considerably fallen, and salmon fishing was comfortable. When we crossed a river mouth, numerous salmons  were  jumped out of water  . The autumn course of a salmon was intensive . The first fishes have been caught quickly enough. The first impression - fishes is a lot of, its average weight was considerably above than in the spring. But now salmons reacted to a fly more inertly. It was possible to see, how salmons pass by without reacting to a fly. The best places for casting  were the positions from which it was possible to submit a fly to places of probable rest of a salmon.    As well as on the river Chavanga the rule   works  - to find the best place for  salmons and to take of the best position for fishing. If on Chavanga often it is necessary to move on a river bed, choosing the best position,  on the river Strelna it is necessary to go   more often on the rocky banks.

Strelna river estuary in evening

River waterflow  is difficult enough and powerful and  there were problems at flies presentation. Long two-handed fishing-rods gave the chance to make more efficient control of a line and   fly. In spite of the fact that salmons rose to a surface and jumped out of water, their interest to a surface was insufficient. The water level fell, the temperature fluctuated within 11-13 degrees. Conditions have developed almost ideal. But on my supervision, the special success was brought by large volume flies.  Ally ` s shrimp style flies workedvery poorly  . It seemed that the salmon has no any concrete preferences and the main things still have correct presentation. To become successful it is necessary to eliminate lateral movements of a fly and and to keep a bait on a rapid current in a perspective place. I caught an one-handed fishing-rod. To me it was uneasy, as it was necessary to use special  casts and variety of mendings   to avoid current influence. Otherwise the current quickly took out a fly from a perspective zone. Still I liked flies with volume   dark wing against which the contrast element - a silver body has been accurately expressed. I will add that  Silver Doctor   sometimes worked  well.

Fabrizio was the most succesfull fisherman during this week. He  is able to have good position, he cast exactly, he cerrect the line position well and is very easy to change his technique according situation.

Strelna river estuary in evening. Exellent pools  pass upstream from here to waterfalls

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  1. This is great adventure here!Nice silver fish in your hand!Your pictures is fantastic good post.