Friday 19 October 2012

Big trout program. Not only salmon fishing.

Catching of a salmon is very fascinating. The salmon is the purpose number one for a large quantity of fishers. Its sizes and force call respect and struggle against this fish grasps. But many fishers will agree that catching of a trout or grayling can be the same interesting. First of all catching of these fishes involves with the variety. Here it is possible to use much more catching receptions, than in enough standardised catching of a salmon. More delicate tackles it is easier in application, and the size of fishes can be simply surprising. One of advantages of the river Chavanga is that going on catching grayling and trout, you at all do not lose chance to catch a salmon. Sometimes happens absolutely on the contrary, go to catch a trout -  you  have excellent chance to catch the king of the rivers - a salmon. For those to whom catching of large trout I is interesting I publish here some photos from our programs on the rivers Chavanga and Strelna. I want to notice that these programs are calculated on the season middle when interest to a salmon weakens a little. So this good offer for those who is interested not only a salmon in a prime a time, and who is looking for possibility of  good and interesting fishing of different fish on these fine the rivers.

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