Friday 26 October 2012

Hand and rod positions. Salmon fishing at Strelna river.


 The heavier tackle - the more difficult to manipulate it. I usually use floating or  intermedium WF lines.   And the position of the rod is very important for  the cast and presentation of flies. Often we can not take a position directly above a good place and have to be applied aside.  Its possible  to stop  rod and   arm   in  side direction as in reach cast. . And after the cast, I often advise to keep the rod across the current. If we're lucky, river flow keeps the fly in the right place after one, two mending. But to extend its work in the good area we may by    hand and a   rod position across the river . So we stop the line drift down and aside, we retain the fly in a good location and slow its drift to shore. Rapid movement of the rod tip following the line     down  stream  - usually  means to  increase lateral drift.

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