Friday 14 September 2012

Strelna river fresh salmon.

                                  Salmon fishing in Russia. Strelna river. May-June 2012.

The end of May and the beginning of June consider many as the most interesting time for catching of a salmon. It is possible to agree with these fishers. In the river it is a lot of fish, it is active and willingly reacts to baits. Still there are no mosquitoes and a catching condition are comfortable enough. There is one factor which should be considered at fishing planning. It is level of spring water in the river.

Little bit violet silver resident Strelna estuary salmon

Fresh sea salmon

Several rocks not far from Strelna estuary 

But a spring river condition  is    very difficultly to predict. Therefore as more reliable are considered last week May and the beginning of June. In this season the water level in the Strelna  river was comfortable, water temperature made 10-11 degrees. The water level in the river gradually decreased.   The Strelna falls braked lifting of fish upwards on the river. All places where fishes could have a rest, have been filled by a salmon.

 The salmon actively reacted to a fly. To my astonishment  Shrimp fly was allocated with nothing, and   same atractor, but with a black wing is better. It seemed to me that fly in style Red Frencis well worked. At least, salmons instantly reacted to its occurrence. When I have lost last - then it was necessary to think of other variant.  6-8 doubles Nothern Autumn fly  of my collection worked well. Though the size of a fly did not play  a special role  . It was more important to submit a fly more close to a bottom. In places with a water rapid current took out a bait on a surface. Double hand rods are very useful. One or two meters of rod length give us more variants to correct line and fly position. Especially when we used  sinking lines  and leaders. Sometimes we  practised casts upstream to give some seconds on fly immersing.

Catching among Strelna falls and rocks is interesting enough and difficult. It is necessary to be able to operate a line on a powerful current. Catching in a river mouth has appeared quieter and convenient. The large quantity of fish came with inflow into a Strelna river mouth. The average size of fishes has made 3-3.5 kg. There were  fresh sea fish, silver one that  stays in estuary during winter-spring and silver kelt, going back to the White sea. 

  Nothern Autumn fly after the  next landed fish.

 Frencis fly - especially good  for fresh and nervous fish.

 Probably, such abundance has also a negative side. I was quickly enough tired with such catching. It has seemed to me enough the monotonous. In my opinion, catching on small water in the middle of a season is not so productive, but is more interesting and is fascinating.   


Strelna river estuary during low tide.

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