Wednesday 1 August 2012

Salmon fishing at the beginning of a season. Atractor flies.

The beginning of a season of catching of a salmon is characterised often by high concentration of fish in places convenient for parking. Usually fish accumulates in a mouth of the rivers and on reaches with rather quiet current. On the river Chavanga an exemplary place for spring catching of a salmon is Cable pool, on the river Strelna is a mouth of the river and a hole among falls. Aggression of fishes and great volume of water provides use of powerful tackle - the two-handed   rods, sinking lines  and large bright flies. The catching technique consists in diagonal cast downwards and across  stream with the subsequent expectation of a  fish touch. As a rule, contact occurs in the end of fly drift, is frequent directly down stream from the fisher. Heavy tackle  is enoughdifficult  to operate, especially to beginners who want to catch a salmon on recently bought two-handed  rods. In my opinion, it leads to accumulation of errors at cast, management of a line and fly presentation. As a result the fly works effectively only very limited time and deprives of the fisher of chances of successful catching. Sometimes fly works well only 2-3 seconds during 18-22 seconds of cast cycle. One of signs of such technical problems and in vain spent time are contacts to fish which occur mainly strictly down stream.  In an ideal the fly should work and involve a salmon from the moment of falling on water. At good possession of two-manual tackle efficiency of catching on  atractor flies is very high, but is 
monotonous enough, in my opinion...

Strelna river salmon attaks all flies in bright colors during spring season.

Red Francis is   an effective fly for "stupid" silvers. Strelna river.

With water level falling, it gives an interesting possibilities for salmon fishing. Now one of the main conditions of successful fishing is an ability to read the river and to present the fly correctly.

Chavanga high water level.  7 km upstream of estuary nd salmons become  more and more challenge.

The best demonstration for  the fresh fish activity-  a pool under the Strelna river waterfalls. 

 In Strelna river estuary fish is not so nervous as at waterfalls.

 Surface fishing below.

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