Friday 24 October 2014

Wild, wild rainbows!! NEW - Camp organization.

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Vasil Bykau

Quite surprisingly, all rainbow trout, who were taken on a hook us weigh more than a kilogram. Was caught a few fish whose weight was in Redel 500-600 grams. I have no explanation for this. Perhaps in late August and early autumn it is time it was a large trout. Trout met wherever there was any shelter of rocks or boulders, dredging or povalennyn trees. Wherever the fish could hide on the course, it was possible to catch big trout. What better place - the larger trout caught. The exceptions were some bayou islands. There are no strong currents or the main stream, which we usually try to catch. It turned out that part of the large trout prefer small bayous and shelter from the roots of trees and podmytuyu shores. Our colleague David pointed out that aside from the main channel of the river under the overhanging branches of the trees shows the silhouette of a hefty fish. It was quite interesting to hunt for these trout in the narrow corridors of the trunks of fallen trees. In general, within 2 weeks the biggest trout have been caught in the best mestah- in the pits at the bend of the river, among the boulders on the course and in the bayous between islands. The average size of the trout was 40 48 cm large fish reached 55-60 cm. The largest rainbow trout fish was 64 cm long. Weight it could be about 2.5 kg. Most of the fish were in good shape and had a massive wide body. Naturally, I had to put aside my fishing rod 5 class and use the rod 7 class. My top five, I initially relied to use for trout fishing, here I was not useful at all.

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Some information about the organization of fishing. 

The camp is located on the banks of the river, 20 km from the place of loading the boats. You can get here only by a jet motor boats. Thus the camp is in the middle section of 40 km. You can fish, moving around in boats on the river up or down stream. New camp was built a year ago. There is housing for anglers with electricity, separate rooms for 2 people each. Heating and a telephone communication. Separately - a dining room and a summer veranda, separate bath house is located here and a house for drying clothes. We can say that the living conditions here are comfortable enough. The camp has cook and   2 workers. On the river there are 3 guide, who perfectly know the river and faithful to their technique. We are pleased to note prefessionalizm and kindness of the hosts.  
The day begins with breakfast, then we make plans  of  fishing with motorboats at the several parts on the river. Guides   keep the radio link between them and the camp. In the middle of the day we got together for lunch buyout was more like a dinner. By the evening to 7 o'clock we returned to camp. Already ready sauna . At 9 o'clock we have lunch. The quality of food is decent enough, guests  made just a few suggestions for the table setting. The camp is a new and still need to do something. Overall fishermen  impressions  of guides job and camp servises  are the best.

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