Friday 24 October 2014

September last week. Salmon fishing at Strelna - Chavanga rivers.

It turned out that the last week of September was the most comfortable for catching fresh salmon this fall. Firstly, there was a smooth comfortable weather. After the rains, the water level rose and fresh fish came boldly into the river. water temperature ranged from 6-7 degrees, which is also good for the high activity of silver salmon. Resident salmon spawning engaged and do not interfere with hunting for salmon that entered the river from the sea. Continue to be effective 2 tactics - small fly in combination with a very slow presentation in the parking salmon. The second strategy was to use an aggressive presentation of large flies, often pulling the line. This tactic was used in places where the river overflowed and widely,  salmon had the opportunity to react to fly without problems . 
Activity salmon was very uneven. You could catch fresh salmon in places on the river, which he must pass on the way up. It was possible to fish perspective places, moving up or down the river. Periodically, one or the other tactics are more effective. It was necessary to take into account the presence of high - low tide into the sea. The lower portions of the river as normally the most effective in the high-level  tide water.

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