Tuesday 21 October 2014

Wild trophy rainbows! Kamchatka program. Part 1 and NEW 2

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Vasil Bykau

Fishing wild rainbow trout!

The main charm of fishing in Kamchatka - the ability to specifically catch trophy wild rainbow trout. Finally, we can give you full information about the exciting new river, new route, which is just suitable for this purpose. It may be noted that in the river there are all other kinds of fish that are typical for the rivers of Kamchatka. There are all Pacific salmon species, there are many types of chars, including trophy sizes Kunja -  white spotted char. And of course - the main goal for many experienced anglers - large rainbow trout. I later will focus on ways to catch her​​, but I can say at once that here you can catch the fish and dry fly, it all depends on your desire.

In the first part of the information about this program, I want to talk a little bit about the river. A medium-sized river. It flows from the volcano and flows to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The territory is uninhabited and entry here is limited boundaries of the National Park and gold mines.

Highlighted section of the river for fishing and leased from the state for 20 years is near  40 km. The site is located in the middle reaches of the river, where it flows through the walleys and hills. The river is diverse and very convenient for fly-fishing. The water is crystal clear with a turquoise hue. Fish population is very high. In any place that may be of interest for the fish, it is. Interestingly, the fish takes place not only in the main channel of the river, but also in numerous branches. it makes fishing more interesting and varied. To talk about the size of pacific salmons makes no sense. The biggest trout fishing our last reached 64 cm in length, white spotted char - 74 cm and the dolly warden has reached 67 cm in length.

In the next part i will give you info about fishing organization and fishing.
All the best!!

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Part 2.                              FISH!!!

The river is rich enough. There are all kinds of fish, which are found in the rivers of Kamchatka. the only exception is the grayling,  which for some unknown reason has not got us hooked. On the first day we were able to see all members of the fish fauna that live in the river permanently or come out of the sea. . It should be noted that there are normal seasonal framework for the emergence of highly migratory fish stocks. Chinook appears at the end of June and July, then pink salmon. sockeye, by the end of August  the river enters Silver and in  October - steelhead.

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