Sunday 26 October 2014

Prime week of salmon fishing. October surprise! + EXTRA Mateusz photo album!!!

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Vasil Bykau

Early October we spent in   waiting for intencive  salmon run into the river. 
With every tide    fresh fish came in to the river. We noticed this on their jumping near waterfalls. But overall the number of salmon that we noticed was small. We tried to explain this to the following factors. With lowering of the water level, which came a week after the recent rains, i discovered with some surprise, that the transparency of the water plummeted. Simultaneously rather abruptly dropped the water temperature. Now in the morning the water had cooled to 3-4 degrees. This puts us in a difficult choice of salmon fishing tactics. It was necessary to look for the best option, reducing in fly size   in cold water  and at the same time we had to increase its attractiveness in conditions of poor visibility. We have failed.. we caught a series of fresh fish  but  we did1nt understood how to do it correctly.  In the next few days, the situation changed again.   The water temperature reduce to 3 degrees, the water abruptly cleared and became crystal clear. This meant that the real frosts came in the north and in the long term activity of salmon will decline. The most successful hours for fishing were   midday warmest hours  on  closest to the sea areas of the river. The temperature of the sea water was maintained in the range of 6 degrees. Upstream salmon  rapidly loses its activity in the cold river water.This week due to abnormal weather conditions were unusual and difficult for salmon fishing.


                          Chavanga river autumn salmon 

I am very pleased to introduce you to a few photos. which made our friend, a wonderful person and angler Mateusz Grigoruk

In the pictures you can see the river Chavanga late fall of this year.

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