Wednesday 22 October 2014

End of September, week 3.

Kola Peninsula Salmon fishing. Autumn season. 

Summer and first part of September 2014 were again dry as in 2013.   Therefore, the water level was quite low. Fresh sea fish   came into the river cautiously. In such circumstances, it is OK to fish  resident salmon, but not easy to fish siver one. .   We were happy to have met the first heavy rains. Within 2-3 days the water level rose by 15 cm, and the water temperature dropped from 10- 9 degrees to comfortable 6.  Under these conditions salmon from the sea became more active . Ussually we landed large resident males weighing up to 5 kg, but silver salmon did not exceed 3.5 - 4 kg. Sometimes  we had  good size (88 sm)  salmons that entered the river in late August, early September. They are distinguished from fresh fish light lilac shade on the back. In my opinion the sea salmon responded well to conventional salmon flies, especially if they are   presented  with minimal lateral drift. Aggressive type flies as sunray shadow  can be used across and by striping. It was a good week for fishing, although we have not yet seen the mass appearance of sea salmon in the river,  ..

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