Tuesday 26 July 2011

Salmon fishing. What fly? Orange or Blue?

One more small reporting on the season beginning. The first week of June on the river. Unusually hot weather. It is possible to fish only at night, is better to lie down in a shade in the afternoon or to talk to friends. This group of Bialystok is known for the predilection for manufacturing of refined dishes from fish. I hope that I will manage to publish and share with you secrets of preparation of a salmon on a fire on river bank. For now works Ally ` s Shrimph in various variants. The fly with prevalence of blue colour became a surprise for all. Possibly cloudless dark blue sky has affected a choice of a salmon. I saw for the first time that such a fly can be effective. They not bad worked throughout 2 weeks. But the majority of fishers has preferred checked up Ally ` s Shrimph and the majority of silver salmons has been caught on it.

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