Thursday 16 January 2014

Salmon fishing in Russia. MIX tour. Strelna and Chavanga rivers.

Mixed programs

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Vasil Bykau

 We offer you the mixed programs of salmon fishing at the Kola Peninsula, Russia,  including salmon  fishing on the river Chavanga and on the river Strelna.
It allows you:
1.   Visiting 2 rivers, which have different character, conditions and fishing behavior, in one program tour.
2.   Allows to break a transfer from Murmansk into 2 parts, that makes the time spend during transfer more enjoyable.
3.   It is possible to prolong duration of tour from 6-7 nights to 9 or 10 nights, which is difficult to make on a one river tour.
4.   It is possible to make tour individual, choosing the river with the best conditions for the period of tour.
5.   It is possible to choose the most convenient time and a way of a transfer for movement between camps of Chavanga and Strelna. It is possible to begin with fishing  on Chavange, then to visit Strelna or on the contrary that reduces time of a continuous transfer.
6.   Choosing the mixed program, it is easier to organise non-standard groups.
7.   It is possible to make the program answering to financial inquiries of clients.
The mixed programs usually include some days of fishing on the river Chavanga and week on Strelna. Usually, these programs are popular in the middle of a season when they become more accessible at the price. Their basic advantage is possibility to correct the program on a place, having prolonged or having reduced fishing terms on Chavange or on Strelna. Here it is possible to consider an individual condition of the river directly during tour.

The tour includes:
1.    Transfer from Murmansk to camp and back
2.   Residing at the Strelna camp and Chavnaga fishing Lodge.
3.   З-х   meals
4.   Cost of fishing licenses
5.   Using a camp infrastructure - dryers, a bath, a chimney hall, the TV
6.   Services of the cook and the guides
7.   6  +  3 days of fishing
8.   The Visa help
9.  Murmansk hotel overnight

Possible weeks

                   Chavanga week 16- 22.06   and  Strelna 3 days   23- 26.06
                   Strelna 3 days  19 – 22.06 and Chavanga week  23 – 29.06

Such a scheme can be applied to the organization of the tour until mid-September.

Cost of the mixed programs
Cost of the mixed programs is calculated at cost of actual days of fishing on the rivers Chavanga and Strelna. The price depends on the program of tour and is co-ordinated with the organizer.
For example :
            6 days of Chavanga river fishing  and 3 days of Strelna river fishing.
            Totally = 9+ fishing days
            Price is  2900 euro per rod.

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