Thursday 9 January 2014

Salmon fishing in Russia. Varzuga river

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Vasil Bykau

Recently, my good friend, angler John sent me his photo report on a recent trip to the river Varzuga, Kola Peninsula  in mid-September 2013. As on other rivers in northern Europe after the dry summer Varzuga River  became shallow. In many places where we usually catch salmon , lay stones . Fishing license area above the village is also shallow. The river here has evolved into several streams, which were separated  by islands. Under these conditions, the  salmon  run  from the sea was very small . So we had to focus on  the resident fish. About how we lived and fished and tells this report . I, for my part, I want to thank all the participants in this fishing for the good company and friendship.

yes - it was fun just to be there

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