Tuesday 7 January 2014

Salmon fishing in cold Russia.

I want to publish a small photo report of  the last week of salmon fishing in Russia , on the River Chavanga. 

Photographic kindly provided by Tomas Senko and other team members . This week has been characterized by low water levels , as well as its low temperature and inactive salmon. We spent all day in a constant search for an effective tactics  and flies. Tomash helped us , he is an experienced manufacturer of salmon flies. We had to keep changing the weight, size of salmon lures , tryinf several variants of hot spots and trigger zone  in order to provoke a reaction of salmon. The best were small brass tubes, silver color for cloudy days,  less than one centimeter length . They needed a very delicate wing and  small hot spot. This small but heavy fly could be controlled in the water column and it caused less fear in salmon .

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