Tuesday 22 October 2013

Salmon fishing in a cold water. Chavanga autumn 2013. Part 3

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Vasil Bykau

Part 3. 

 In the second week of October was intense rain . The water level in the river rose  for the first time in 3 months. But the temperature continued to drop and reached 4 degrees.Perhaps this is due to the continuing decline in fish activity. The number of sea salmons in the river rise . Their  movement up the river becomes so intense that fish are often hurt the fishing line during his jumps. At this time , it became clear that the fish   almost non-stop goes up the river. Salmon ceased to show any signs of aggressiveness and surface activity . Fly sunray shadow and its tactics - fast provoking strips could be postponed until next year.
Now coming to the fore other problems. Salmon in the river was a lot, and we had no issues with its localization. We had to leave parts of the river with a swift current . Bite into the mainstream with the most profound and rapid flow virtually ceased. The exceptions were the direct inputs into the pits , just few meters , the first step down . Given that fishing was still very local , it was necessary to apply the weighted flies -  on a metal tube , for example. Was effective method using Slack castes. Within 3-4 seconds  fly sink down close to the bottom . Then stretch the line, stop fly with its slow ascent to the surface. This "nymph" reception  caught considerable number of salmon . Of course , the technique is quite difficult in a turbulent flow . But for some skill and luck , the fish react to the movement of flies .
With the low activity of salmon had to change the selection criteria flies . Fly lost in size, but has gained some weight. In place of bright orange and red elements come only trigger points of the jungle cock feathers and (or ) orange tip , but more often green tag -but. You could leave a long black wing with flash , but make it very delicate and subtle. A half-inch or better yet a short and thin tube of gold or silver (depending on light) proved to be suitable for the tying of flies bodies  .
By mid-October, the state of the river has changed. The water level has remained the same , the transparency of its decreased slightly after a very windy and cold days . But maybe the impression formed by cloudy weather . Thermometer still showed 4 degrees .   Salmon activity continued to decline. It was difficult to identify any patterns in salmon  reaction to certain flies or  fly prezentation   in the water. Perhaps the right tactic was a long wait in a promising position. It was possible to minimize the loss of time walking and searching for fish. Salmon rose steadily up the river. It was possible to take an advantageous position and keep the fly in the place which is held each fish . Of course , this activity is monotonous and boring . But this method have been caught   the last salmon    2013 season in Russia on the River Chavan'ga.

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