Sunday 2 January 2011

Hucho taimen fishing. Part 2

                                              Taimen fishing program here:


But small fishes in weight in 10-15 kg do not eat salmons and continue to be caught. By the autumn taimen becomes more active and is fed before ice occurrence on the rivers. Fish quickly grows, by 10 years reaches 100 sm and weight in 10 kg. From now   it becomes a predator and eats fish, birds, small mammals.
Usually fish catch on large fluctuating lures and large wobblers. Advise to use dim, copper or dark baits. Last years we use large mouse for catching on a surface.
Medium-sized fish in length about metre comes across often on the easy tackle intended for lenok or grayling.

Tackles for large fish should be reliable. It is necessary to catch in holes, among the fallen trees, at the washed away coast. Therefore conveniently to have two-manual fishing-rod and a set of lines or shooting heads.
Baits should be large. Their weight and the size are limited only to capacity of a fishing-rod. Large streamers, poppers and mouses do on hooks in the size from 1\0 to 4\0. Often use an additional hook on baits tail. Taimen often suffices a bait behind, and the pike attacks a head. All large flies of type a bloodsucker, matuka and zonker are good. The best fly is tied on a flexible basis with a heavy head and a hook at the tail-end.

I think that the best information about taimen fishing is stated in Michael Skopets's fine book under the name "To the Far East with fly fishing". If you have a possibility to get acquainted with this book then you will find a lot of the unique information on this theme. It is interesting that the author made use of the experience of taimen fishing on the rivers Tugur and Bichy, where we fish too. So it is very much the helpful information.

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  1. Hi

    Very nice taimens,where can I buy those mouse fly and this big mouse wobbler??

    1. Hi! these flies and lures are ordered specifically for the participants. If you just need such a bait, I could try to order them for you especially.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your nice post. your fishing tricks are too good and congrats for caught a nice and big fish. Its shows your success and happiness. keep it and enjoy yourself.

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