Thursday 24 May 2012

All purpose salmon flies set. Salmon fishing in Russia.

My not very " super" set of salmon  flies! But very usefull for really   salmon fishing for Kola peninsula of Russian nord!!
My lovely Chavanga river salmon recepture! I asked my friend Serge Tikhonovich to  prepare me flies according my own  20 years old recepture and i`m very glad to thank him! Nice, simple  and  very usefull attractors!
Not immmitative salmon  fishing!!!

For really fly, not attractor,  salmon fishing , please, look into

Shrimps (+ black variant) # 8-12
Cascades #6-10
T&L #8-12
W.Gun #8-10
Red But #8-12

From early spring to fall! From  cold to hot and from deep to shallow water!

Ally`s Shrimp, Chawanga, Pêche au saumon atlantique, salmon fishing in Russia, salmone atlantico, voyage peche

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