Friday 29 July 2016

Overview of the start of salmon season on the river Strelna.

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Vasil Bykau

Strelna River is attractive with plenty of salmon, which are collected in the spring on the lower portion of the river. In the future, the salmon is distributed along the river and its fishing requires great effort. But always remain areas where you can expect a good catch. The first is the mouth of the river and parking salmon among waterfalls and stretches with rapids located upstream.
In this season early spring has led to a rapid and significant decrease in the water level in the river. Salmon quickly overcame the main waterfall near the camp and scattered along the river.
High temperatures and low water levels have led to a decrease in the activity of the fish on site near the mouth of the river. Fresh fish rising out of the sea, but not too eager to respond to the flies. More effective was salmon fishing in areas 2-6 km upstream. Here, in late May    the fresh sea salmon and autumn fish regulary come across.
It is pleasant to note the very good condition of fish we caught.  Everage weight was 4,5 kg, max to  7 and 8 kg.
By mid-July the water warmed up to 24 degrees. The last torrential rain caused the water level rise and an increase in its temperature. We could expect an increase in salmon run from the sea to the river. But the big difference in water temperature between the sea and the river ( 10  to 24) stopped the movement of salmon. Interestingly, the salmon stopped responding to fly in areas with waterfalls and deep stretches. At the same time it was possible to note the decrease in the number of sea trout in the river  - in  the mouth and  waterfalls. Usually in June and July, you can catch here a great number of trout. Obviously, with such a significant increase in water temperature   the sea trout was gone away. May be.  But the salmon and trout have kept activity in the parts of the river with good current, located 2 km upstream  of our camp. Here, we caught some salmons weighing up to 8 kg, which were able to get good  parking and had to adapt to the warm water of the river. Still, it was difficult to clearly point out the most effective fly. Salmon have been caught on a completely different bait. So, as always, we first of all pay attention to the correct position of the fishermen and the correct presentation of the fly.

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