Saturday 13 February 2016

Salmon fishing in the wildlife. Strelna river

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Strelna river is located in 50 km to the east from Chavanga river. The local territory can be characterised as a taiga, but the sea coast and pre-mouth parts of the river are slightly different and look more as tundra. All local rivers of Kola Peninsula  run into the White Sea.  Strelna is considered as the large river, it is the fifth biggest river on Kola Peninsula. We organize the tours which you really have to try in your life tours to places where the nature is still untouched by the civilization.  Therefore, we stopped our attention on the rivers, which have retained their natural beauty and wealth. These are the rivers Chavanga and Strelna. Here we live, work and welcome our guests.

The Atlantic salmon and sea trout regularly comes into the Strelna river. Population of a salmon in Strelna reaches the considerable sizes. The biggest amount of fresh salmon is taken place in the autumn, September and October and in Spring at the end of May and first half of June. The largest fishes enter the river in the spring and from the end of August when it is possible to catch copies more than 10 kg in weight.  

Strelna  river camp
There is   stationary fishing base  has all we really need: to stay face-to-face with our lovely river, to fish there just with your friends  The camp Strelna is located in a picturesque place on Island in delta decks at the sea.   The camp consists of 4 wooden houses, in each of them 3 rooms for clients, shower, toilet, a room for drying and the furnace are located.  Houses are equipped by electric heating of water. The dining room is located in a separate structure, the lunch hall is equipped with fireplace, bar with alcoholic drinks, TV and others. Nearby, there is a kitchen. The spacious bath with a sweating room is constructed here, on river bank.

General fishing info

Season: from the mid. of May till mid. of October.
Group: from 6 to 12 rods
Fishing: fly fishing and spin fishing of the exclusive private territory. Standard tour is considered  as 6 + days of fishing. Recommended day of arrival and departure is Wednesday. 

Transportation:  Murmansk airport, mini-van   transfer to the Umba airport,  helicopter flight or car transfer to the Strelnacamp.


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