Saturday 1 November 2014

The end of salmon fishing season 2014. Extra - Fabrizio`s and Flavio albums


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Vasil Bykau

Salmon fishing in the fall in northern Russia is very interesting, but very much depends on the weather.

The last week of the season has not brought significant changes.  Extremely unusual for this time of the year cold weather remained   . Water temperature in the river dropped to 0.2 degrees, at the same time the sea water temperature maintained at about 6 degrees. It is possible that this extraordinary difference in the temperature of the water in the river and the sea adversely affect the activity of salmon.The same unique situation formed in all the rivers of the White Sea coast-  on the Varzuga, Kitsa, Strelna rivers.

In the end, the best week of the season according to the results of all past years was the most difficult for salmon fishing this year. What to do, it's fishing for salmon .. But next year, everything will return to normal, I believe it!

Below is my photo report, you can see lots of great photos of our regular guest and a great fisherman Fabrizio Oliva. Thanks a lot for nice pics!!

                                 Salmon fishing on the Kola peninsula  more info here


                                           FABRIZIO OLIVA ALBUM

                                         Flavio photoalbum.                                

                            Some pics of extremely early winter and cold salmon fishing week.                       


  1. Nice pictures and a very nice group! Thank you, Vasil, for everything and see you next year!!

  2. It was extremely difficult week fo fishing, but very warm team and very good friendful atmosphere! Thanks a lot!

    Hope to see you next year!