Friday 1 August 2014

Top week for fresh salmon! Autumn trophy salmons.

The best week of the season for catching trophy salmon at the river Strelna! Now we can offer you quite a rare opportunity to visit the river Strelna in mid-September. This week starts on September 11 and applies the best time to catch the fresh sea salmon. This is the most comfortable week and usually the most productive. We still have about a month to prepare for this trip.  

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Vasil Bykau

Arrival day  to the Murmansk airport 10.09.2014
Departure day  19.09.2014

Salmon fishing in Russia. Strelna river tour

The river description

This river is located in 50 km to the east from Chavanga river. Strelna is considered as the large river, it is the fifth biggest river on Kola Peninsula. Certainly, the size of the river from the point of view of the fisherman, depends on season. The spring high water in the beginning of May, carries a large amount of water, but and in the middle of summer during dry time, it is a little water, and the river is accessible on all sites.
The lower part of the river, close to the seaside is wide and spacious, with the very accessible banks. First half of mile from the seaside, the river flows through rock and mountains. Here are the set of picturesque rocks and falls. River banks are firm, rocky, covered with large stones and pebble. Water carries hardly a brownish, "tea" shade. But in a dry season water almost colourless. Futher up the river, after all the falls and rocks, the valley extends and the river becomes quieter, stone rifts and fast current streams changing each other.
The Atlantic salmon and sea trout regularly comes into the river. These are the kinds of fish, fishermen coming here for. Plenty of graylings and a local brown trout who reaches the large sizes and quite interesting to catch for the fishermen.
Population of a salmon in Strelna reaches the considerable sizes. The river is quite far from the closest local village so there is a minimal chance of poaching. As well as on other rivers running into the White sea, the fresh income of salmon becomes pretty usual thing. The biggest amount of fresh salmon is taken place in the autumn, September and the beginning of October and Spring in the end of May and first half of June. But there is also a summer course of a salmon, sometimes intensive enough. The largest fishes enter the river in the spring and from the end of August when it is possible to catch copies more than 10 kg in weight. But fish is in the river all season and at any time it is possible to catch a salmon. The prime- time for salmon is considered from 15th of May till 15th Therefore it is very convenient to fish directly near camp, within the lower part of the river. This time also estimated more expensive. The second peak of salmon fishing comes in September. From first weeks of September, autumn fish, which differs special physical standards, begin to come to the river.
Separate interest is represented by fishing the sea trout. The sea trout here is a the typical sea form of silver colouring and the local form which differs brown colouring and large black stains. During the best time when high water falls down, trout of 2-3 kg come across, large fishes to 4-4.5 kg in weight are considered. The end of June - July are considered as the best time for fishing the large trout. In August the size of a trout begins to decrease, but at this time, fresh salmon comes to the river increasing the population of sea trout. By the end of August, and in September fishing the trout goes on recession. Therefore as the best time for hunting for a large trout consider the end of June - July.
Thus, it is possible to combine fishing the salmon and a trout or to choose purely trout variant in the middle of summer.
The camp Strelna is located in a picturesque place on Island in delta decks at the sea. Distance to the coast is around 300 metres, to the river - less than 100 metres. The camp consists of 4 wooden houses, in each of them 3 rooms for clients, shower, toilet, a room for drying and the furnace are located. Each room accommodates 2 fishermen. Houses are equipped by electric heating of water. The dining room is located in a separate structure, the lunch hall is equipped with fireplace, bar with alcoholic drinks, TV and others. Nearby, there is a kitchen. The spacious bath with a sweating room is constructed here, on river bank.

The fishing organisation

The camp contains up to 10 fishermen. The standard group at the beginning of the season is 10 persons. In the middle of a season, group usually consists of 7- 8 persons. Groups with smaller quantity of participants are accepted after the coordination of details with the organizer of tour. 

Duration of tour
Standard tour is consider as 6 + days of fishing. Recommended day of arrival and departure is Wednesday. 
Under individual demands duration of tour can be prolonged or reduced. 

The camp is in 50 km to the east from Chavanga river. Approximately the distance from Varzuga mouth makes about 90 km. From Umba river, the distance is around 230 km. 
To get to the Strelna camp is possible by the helicopter.

The approximate plan of transfer looks so: 
  1.  Meeting at the airport of Murmansk. Delivery by a minibus to Umba takes 5 hours. Than from Umba there is 1 hour flight by helicopter straight to Strelna camp. It is comfortable enough and fast way of delivery. A bit more expensive way of traveling.
  2.  Back way we start by the helicopter to Umba,  minibus from Umba to Murmansk.
The tour includes:
  1. Transfer from Murmansk to camp and back
  2. Residing at camp of 7 nights
  3. 3-x meals
  4. Cost of fishing licenses
  5. Using a camp infrastructure - dryers, a bath, a chimney hall, the TV
  6. Services of the cook and the guides
  7. 6 + days of fishing
  8. The Visa help
  9. Murmansk hotel overnight

Tour doesn’t include:
  1. Insurance
  2. Alcohol
Mixed programs

We offer you the mixed programs including fishing on the river Chavanga and on the river Strelna.
It allows you:
  1. Visiting 2 rivers, which have different character, conditions and fishing behavior, in one program tour.
  2. Allows to break a transfer from Murmansk into 2 parts, that makes the time spend during transfer more enjoyable.
  3. It is possible to prolong duration of tour from 6-7 nights to 9 or 10 nights, which is difficult to make on a one river tour.
  4. It is possible to make tour individual, choosing the river with the best conditions for the period of tour.
  5. It is possible to choose the most convenient time and a way of a transfer for movement between camps of Chavanga and Strelna. It is possible to begin with fishing on Chavange, then to visit Strelna or on the contrary that reduces time of a continuous transfer.
  6. Choosing the mixed program, it is easier to organise non-standard groups.
  7. It is possible to make the program answering to financial inquiries of clients.
The mixed programs usually include some days of fishing on the river Chavanga and week on Strelna. Usually, these programs are popular in the middle of a season when they become more accessible at the price. Their basic advantage is possibility to correct the program on a place, having prolonged or having reduced fishing terms on Chavange or on Strelna. Here it is possible to consider an individual condition of the river directly during tour.
Cost of standard tour on the river Strelna

1. Prime time ( 15.05 – 21.06 and 11.09 -25.10) price is calculated for 10 persons and helicopter transfer to and back. 
3100 euro/rod
2. Out of prime time weeks (21.06 -11.09) price is calculated for 7 – 8 persons and transfer at your decision. 
2350 euro\rod car transfer
2350 euro\rod + one way helicopter transfer 5300 euro\team Umba to Strelna
2350 euro\rod + helicopter transfer 10600 euro\team Umba to Strelna and back to Umba

Cost of the mixed programs
Cost of the mixed programs is calculated at cost of actual days of fishing on the rivers Chavanga and Strelna. The price depends on the program of tour and is co-ordinated with the organizer.

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