Wednesday 25 June 2014

Spring salmon fishing. New season.

Finally, we have the opportunity to introduce you to the new salmon fishing season on the south coast of the Kola Peninsula. Season this year we started from May 15. This is the usual time for the opening of the season. Set of salmon that entered the river in the fall, going on reaches and wait out the winter. Last week of May and beginning of June, considered to be one of the best periods for catching salmon.

By autumn fish joins salmon that come into the river immediately after the ice melted. Winter fish differs from the presence of spring lilac shade on the skin of the back and a few more lean body. Often you can see small wounds and lesions on the skin of salmon, which had to stand in the river all winter. Interestingly, in May on the fly caught salmon are not the biggest. Welterweight winter fish is 2.5 - 3.5 kg. Although the fall in river salmon come in 8 kg weight. Apparently, large salmon quickly lose their aggressiveness in freshwater rivers. This can be seen in August, when the activity of the fish increases and large salmon are back on the hook. Salmon that come into the river after an ice drift in May differ decent size and reach 3-4 kg. Of particular interest is catching large males, which appear in the river in early June. They reach 5-5.5 kg weight and 78-82 centimeters in length.

Change in water level and temperature significantly affect the behavior of salmon. Increased transparency of the water increases the activity of fish. Lowering the water level and temperature rise leads to passivity autumn fish, but increases the activity of marine salmon that increase their numbers in the river.
In general, spring salmon fishing is characterized by the following positive features:

1. A large number of  autumn fish that wintered in the river
2. High activity of the fish in cold water
3. Presence of a large fall fish in the river 
4. Appearance of  the active  fresh fish
5. Appearance of the large and active fresh  fish in the river

To the negative points are:

1. Unpredictable water levels
2. Reduction comfortable fishing seats due to the high water level.
3. Rapid change of water temperature and the activity of salmon

Therefore, in each period on the river, we have to adapt to a mixture of salmon that entered the river at different times, have different activity, occupy different places and require different techniques of fishing.

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