Thursday 22 June 2017

Giovanni Swierczynski


Our dear friend Ianus has sadly passed away, he has been a true salmon angler, i would say one of a kind. We often enjoyed his great humour and legendary stories about his salmon adventures. May his soul rest in peace and he continues fishing Chavanga salmon in heavens. We will miss you Ianus....

Ianus and Bazyl at the Strelna camp
Ianus visit to the Petropavlovsk fishing shop
Dinner time, Strelna river camp
Icha river, Kamchatka trip
JUne, Strelna river camp
As usually, presentation!!!!!
Lanch at the Icha river bank

waiting for a dinner, Icha river camp
Ianus, Flavio and my legs, Icha river
Chavanga lodge, Ianus and wild horses

Autumn 2016, Strelna salmon
Old pics of Chavanga lodge
Ianus and Eduardo, Strelna river

Dinner at the old Chavanga lodge
Flavio and Ianus, Icha river trip
Flavio and Ianus, Petropavlovsk - Kamchatski, Icha river trip

Ianus and his favorite pool, Ianus Pool, Strelna river

Helicopter flight

Island Pool, Chavanga river, Ianus and Vasil
Old Chavanga lodge, dinner time

Lubbe Ferrysson and Ianus,  Chavanga river, June of 2014

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