Tuesday 28 June 2016

Varzuga river salmons. Last week of May.

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Vasil Bykau

We are all eagerly awaiting the opening of our salmon fishing season on the Kola Peninsula. First of all we worried about the weather forecast, because the nature of the spring determines the conditions and the result of fishing during the first weeks of the season.
In our first program was listed Varzuga river. Unfortunately, we are not pleased with the news. Information received from local residents, has confirmed our fears. Spring has come too early, the river free of ice in late April. By the beginning of the season instead of snow along the banks we were met by flowers and green foliage. The water temperature has risen too fast and high, and the water level fell down. Salmons, who stood for the winter in the river, refusing to bite, they have left available to us stretches and spread out along the river. The concentration of fish and our chances to catch rapidly diminishing. It has happened before - too late for the salmon that entered the river in autumn and too early for a new fish.
However, fresh fish coming up the river, medium-sized salmon leaping on the shoals. We managed to catch a few fish. From the time I first drew attention to the significant number of empty strikes and fish off the hook, though, and did not attach special significance.
I can say that the total number of fishermen in the license areas Varzuga river decreased markedly. This is due primarily to the termination of the license catch&kill. This is certainly positive news for flyfishers, fishing pressure from local and visiting spinnings decreased markedly. But it is impossible not to notice that the number of boats, catamarans and rafts that come down the river dramatically increased. Apparently, the majority of anglers, moved to the upper and middle parts of the river Varzuga and its tributaries.


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