Wednesday 24 June 2015

Beginning of a season. May-June salmon fishing.


Salmon fishing at the Strelna and Chavanga rivers was not easy this June, there was very changeable cold and rainy weather, strong wind and high water level. Autumn run   Salmon, who entered the river in the fall, remained inaccessible to us in many commonly-friendly fishing areas. Fishing got better in the second half but still very tough compare to recent years. Still managed to have some good results in the middle  part of the river where fresh salmon stoped.  Absence of normal quantity of fresh fish was a problem in whole region as Ponoi, Pana, Varzuga reporting bad results also.  In general the second decade of June was a better time for fishing. Fish became more active and some nice fresh fish started to come into the river, but still fishing was not great. 


Randy said:
Indeed the fishing has not been easy. If on beforehand, someone would have asked me if I
would be satisfied with catching 5 fish, I probably would have said NO. But as very often, the
life of a salmon fisherman is a very hard learning school. This year was a very valuable learning experience, and in retrospective, I think I only can be happy with getting 11 bites if we keep the circumstances in mind. The fact that I only landed 5 of them, is mostly my own fault, as I simply should have paid more attention to the phase after having the fly drifted out ("on the dangle"). I think that if I had been more concentrated on the first strips and the lift after the dangle, I might have hooked some of these fish in a better way, so that I could have had a proper chance during the rest of the fight. Nobody knows...

Looking at the overall picture, I still say this expedition has been very good. As I said 3 years
ago, the Chavanga river system is a place to fall in love with, and I definitely want to come back.
It was just breathtaking to witness the spring nature come alive. I felt privileged witnessing the trees were getting a bit greener every day, to see more colourful flowers appearing every day, and to hear more birds singing every day. Nature really took hold of me... ...again!

Furthermore, a very pleasant group of people was a great part of this expedition as well. Thankyou very much once more for all the general care taking and for being a good teacher. 

Thanks, Randy!

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