Monday 17 December 2012

Different tactics for salmon fishing.

                      Different tactics for salmon fishing.

Tactics salmon depends on the location or area of the river. As for catching trout , each section of the river has fish that react differently to different lures and different techniques for presentation flies. The algorithm can be so - first used large bright fly with an aggressive presentation for active fish, and then applies a sequence of reducing the size of the fly and the speed of its presentation.
There are general guidelines for choosing gear and flies, depending on the level and temperature of the water. But you should always proceed from the fishing grounds and features a particular situation. 

For example, at  the shallow entrance to deep pool a rising salmon attacked only small dull flies. But staying in the pool, the fish react only to large flies with a strong trigger point as a jungle cock fearther or other bright parts fly. Therefore, regardless of the time of year, I like to stop in a good place, do not rush and try to catch different. And the result will be better and will be more interesting to catch.

Spot fishing at the Chavanga river - floating line, intermediate leader, slow presentation, perfect cast

Square fishing  at the Strelna river estuary. Sinking  line and leader, big fly, down and across cast  direction, long distance, high speed presentation.

and attractor fly according to this tactic.

Spot fishing at the Strelna river- heavy attractor fly, floating line, short distance

Chavanga fresh run salmon fishing - floating line, sinkink leader, big fly, long cast, down and across direction, square middle speed presentation.

Last 4 pictures  - last week of August at the Chavanga river. All these salmons  need   different tactics depending of river condition, place of  laying, your fishing tackles and flies . And - your fishing skills!!!  - wading ability, casting and   fly presentation! My friend Ianus say - the main is CORRECT fly presentation. Yes! So, all we need is to find tactic for correct fly presentation.

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